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Monday, 16 November 2009

Middle Earth

Well, I've reached the middle of the novel (25.000+) and admit I've been sitting on the fence, a bit of a Mugwump (Mug on one side and my wump on the other) thinking about which direction my story is going. Everything went great at first, I had my plan, my ideas, and didn't it flow like a river! Sweet! My characters have taken me for a bit of a ride, weaving, taking me to places I hadn't planned (not a bad thing!) but now I have to tug the reins a bit and forge ahead. I haven't exactly lost my way, just not sure how to proceed.

Was heartening to read that writers spend 97% of their time in the Middle!

I haven't written for a few days - family committments and other excuses - but I hope to do amazing things this week to make up for my days of zilch words. Okay, so I'll get down from the fence and get to it...

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